Red is for Remembrance  - Laurie Faria Stolarz I don't even know where to begin with this book. 2 stars according to Goodreads means it was ok, and that's what this was. First off, this was the first one that was told through two point of views: Stacey (who we're used to) and Shell. Stacey is told in first person whereas Shell is third person. Kind of took me out of the book every time it switched.

The whole story line with Shell seemed pointless to me. I don't know if the author thought she was writing this huge mystery, or if she just thought her reading base was plain stupid. I knew the ending when I read the first Shell chapter. The rest of the book was just filler, annoying filler to get us to the place I already knew was coming.

The whole camp run by a guy named Mason reminded me of like Charles Manson or something, like he was breading criminals, which I guess he kind of was. And letting him pick your mate for you based on what he thinks the "family" needs...yeah, that's not creepy or anything.

So Mrs. Stolarz, I'm going to read the 5th and final book...wait...graphic novel. Yup, the fifth is a graphic novel. Why? I have no effing clue, but I was told it would make sense to me why it needed to be that way. We shall see...