Fifty-one Shades: A Parody (First Three Chapters) - Andrew Shaffer First off, know that I'm taking this whole thing with a grain of salt. I never read 50 Shades of Grey (nor do I plan on it), but I did read it when it was a fan fic. Ok, now onto the parody.

This only parodies the first 3 chapters so far...and it's pretty amusing. With opening lines like:

"Damn my hair – it’s fifty shades of fucked up. The situation I’m in is fifty shades of fucked up"

Hits the nail right on the head, don't ya think? The author even plays up to the fact that the other 50 is extremely controlling when he tells Anna: “I had your duplex outfitted with a surveillance system."

Also, the author seems to know about the Twilight background of 50 because he mentions it quite often. Stating that Chris Grey is "the kind of guy you want to write fanfic about" (LMAO). And also, when Chris introduces himself, he mistakenly calls himseld Edward (snort). But my favorite has to be the little footnote at the end of the third chapter:

New episodes serialized every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, until a publisher offers me a fat stack of cash money for the book. Then I’ll sell out, take the free chapters down, and change the characters’ names to Edward and Bella.

That last part sums it perfectly. lol