Silver is for Secrets  - Laurie Faria Stolarz ...

What the hell just happened here?

I honestly don't even know how I feel about this book. Literally every character in this book pissed me off at one point. Actually, the only one who I could stand at the end was Jacob. Everything about this plot had me frustrated. How - after 2 years of this - Stacey's friends still question her nightmares. It's like, wake the fuck up! She saved your asses before, have some god damn faith!

And Stacey, come on! Grow a god damn backbone and speak up. For a main character, there's just not enough presence - nothing that comes from her. I find her extremely weak. But weirdly, I don't blame the character, I blame the writer. Stolarz, to me, seems like she's writing what she thinks teenagers/young adults are like and then taking it twelve steps farther and writing that down. Nothing about these friendships is believable. Nothing about their day-to-day lives are believable. And if you want me to care about your characters, don't make them so god damn stupid and annoying. Case in point: Clara.

Clara has to be the worst written character ever in a book. This is a combination of character and writing. If we were supposed to care that she was in danger - well, epic fail there. I cringed every time she came around.

I will say that the epilogue was my favorite part. The fact that it was an entire chapter written from journals, transcripts, and news articles was interesting and actually good. Too bad the entire book wasn't written like this.

I will go onto the next one and I will hold on to the bright light that is Jacob.