The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - Jennifer E. Smith More like 3.75, but I rounded up cause I adored Oliver.

I expected more from this book. I didn't love but I thought it was cute. Hadley was a bit immature at times but I did like how she was the one to initate things with Oliver once they got off the plane. Most books have the girl sit back and wait for the guy to come to them, so Hadley going off in search of Oliver was a nice twist.

Now as for Oliver, not gonna lie, I kinda loved him. It doesn't help that I have a weakness for British men. But Oliver was charming and witty and extremely cute in the way he talked with Hadley. I was slightly annoyed with him when he did absolutely nothing when Hadley found him in London. But the sweet (even though predictable) ending made up for it.