Across the Universe - Beth Revis Imagine waking up aboard a foreign ship, not knowing anyone or where you are or even what year it is. This is what happens to Amy when, after being cryogenicly frozen, she is forcibly woken up 50 years before she was supposed to -placing her on board a ship where life is nothing like Amy knew. I felt that author did a great job at conveying the sense of loneliness and confusion that Amy felt aboard Godspeed - the ship that was to take her and her parents to a new planet. What I liked about Amy was that she wasn't perfect. The author didn't write her as this perfect heroine who always had all the answers. At times she was a selfish 16 year old, who only thought about herself and her parents - completely ignoring the complications her actions caused. But at other times, when she stopped and was able to think, her actions were courageous and smart.

I also really liked how, unlike a majority of young adult novels out now, this one didn't completely focus on a love story. Yes, there was technically a "love" interest, but that never dominated the story line. And let me just say, Elder was all kinds of adorable. I loved how his feelings were so new to him, that they went against everything he was taught. The way he dealt with these and also the crumbling of the truths he thought he knew were very interesting to read.

This book was a good balance of mystery, science, and intrigue - with a little attraction story thrown in. I should have known this would end on a cliff hanger.