Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma I'm honestly still trying to wrap my head around this book. So hopefully this review makes sense. First off, let me say that I probably would have never read this book had it not been for Goodreads. The subject matter is just something that I have never been drawn too and I think that's what the story actually draws from.

Taboo. Different from the norm. Bad. Wrong. Illegal. Gross. Sick. All words that have come up in discussions about incest. Some I've even said. This book takes a family, who is so broken only being held together by strings, and forces you to open your mind to the 'what if it's real love' scenario.

I'm not going to lie, as I read this book, I found myself already judging it based on my own preconcieved notions. Now, while I still don't condone incest, I see what the author did here. It wasn't until Lochan and Maya actually got caught that I realized how much of an impact this book was having on me. I think my heart stopped as I read how Kit was the one who spilled their secret, not knowing that it would break those delicate strings that was holding this family up.

I knew going in that this book could have no happy ending, it's even stated in the book description, but to say I was prepared for how it did end...never. Lochan taking his own life to save his family...looking back now, I see how he would believe that was the only way to save them. That's just who he is, always looking out for everyone, putting them first. Reading the epilogue was hard as I thought that Maya was actually going to go through with it and join Lochan, but thank god for Willa and her simple actions and questions. My heart breaks for this family, abandoned by both parents, with only each other to keep afloat. Beautifully written and definitely something I would recommend to others.