Vanish - Sophie Jordan SO much happened in this book, I don't even know where to begin. When I started reading, it had been so long since I'd read Firelight that I couldn't remember all the details of what happened on the cliff, so I was a little confused. But then it all came back to me the more I read.

Jacinda. While I felt for her, I also wanted to slap her. The whole thing with her, Cassian, and her sister...Cassian would never love Tamra. That was so obvious. I couldn't understand how she thought by ignoring everything that Cassian would just wonder on to Tamra. It was painfully obvious in this book exactly how deeply Cassian felt for Jacinda. I also agreed when Will told her that she didn't know who she was. The whole book, Jacinda is basically living for everyone else. All of her decisions are based on other people and not what she wants - which truthfully, I don't think she knows. I don't believe that her feelings toward Cassian are strictly friendship based.

And speaking of Cassian, I honestly never thought I'd say this, but I fell in love with him in this book. I think it was the fact that he honestly cares for Jacinda. The scene after they bonded, and they were in the air, Jacinda says that he would let her go if she chose, and I believe that. Cassian has sacrificed everything for her and I don't think she realizes this. The fight with Corbin - speechless. Leaving with them at the end of the book shocked me and I think this will be an interesting journey for the four of them.

Lastly, there's Will. Sigh. I'm not proud to say that I actually had times in this book where I doubted him and thought maybe he was working with his family and was trying to lure Jacinda away. Especially when she and Miriam got caught. However, now I believe that he loves her, I just don't know how it's going to work out - especially with her being bonded to Cassian. And also, what powers does he have with the Draki blood running through his body?

So many questions still left unanswered and now I have to wait (impatiently) for the next book. Sigh...