Bloodlines - Richelle Mead I really wanted to give this 4.5 (damn you Goodreads and your full star ratings!).

This was a great first book into this side series. Coming out of Vampire Academy, I felt a little disgruntled in the way Adrian was handled. He was by far my favorite character in the series and I felt that he always got shafted. When I was told he would be featured in a spin-off series, I was beyond thrilled. However, I will admit that I was a little nervous when I found out it would be with Sydney.

To me this book had everything. It was funny, it had action and it had suspense. There was one mystery after another. I knew something was up with Keith, however, I didn't really tie him to the tattoo parlor until Sydney found out about the vamp blood. And I loved finally finding out what tied Sydney to Abe - an eye lol. As for Lee, I guess I am naturally suspicious by nature because my first instinct of him was that he was too perfect. I thought he actually had something to do with the attack on Lissa and Jill. But as the book went on, I grew to sort of like him, even though I thought his never failing love for Jill was a little weird. What I didn't expect was how he used tobe Strigoi and wanted to go back! Talk about a twist.

One thing that did rub me the wrong way was Jill. Yes, I get that she's young, but she acted like a spoiled brat the majority of the time. It's not her fault she's a princess and now is under attack, but she could handle her situations a little bit better. Having a boyfriend and being a supermodel at the age of 15 is not all there is to life. I felt bad for Sydney most of the time.

Seeing flashes of characters from the original series was a plus. While I was never really a fan of Lissa or Rose, I think I can handle them in the small capacity that they are shown here. I am extremely happy that Eddie was featured here. And boy, is he sure in love with Jill. Poor Eddie, thinking he's not good enough for her.

This book also left a lot to be desired, making mevery anxious for the next one. Adrian and Sydneys "tolerance" of each other, which come on, we all know will turn into love, but I'm thinking that will be a fun little ride. Sydney and her new found magical abilities - looking forward to seeing how this will test everything she thought she knew.

But what about Micah? I find it a little too weird that he looks and acts so much like Mason. There has to be something there otherwise it wouldn't have been mentioned.

And of course, we can't forget who walked in the door on that very last page - Dimitri. Poor Adrian :(

So yeah, I loved it and I can't wait for the next one!

Team Adrian!