City of Glass  - Cassandra Clare OMG! This third installment in the Mortal Instruments book was the best by far. I went through so many different emotions while reading this one - annoyance, happiness, anger, sadness, confusion, amazement - you name it, I can pinpoint one place where I felt it. Spoilers ahead btw.

At the opening of the book, I felt annoyance toward Clary. I was right there with Luke when he was telling her she was acting like a spoiled child. She really was. But the minute she went through the portal, almost died in the lake and went to see Jace, my emotion turned to almost astonishment at the way Jace regarded her. Not only did she walk in on him kissing another girl, but then he acted like a complete asshole to her. This was the first book where I really felt like Clary grew as a character. The scene where her mother returns is a perfect example. I felt like the writer was building up this epic reunion and that Clary would weep with joy when she finally saw her mother again, but what we got was raw emotion and anger and feelings of betrayal.

Now for Jace, what can I say but that I love him...dearly. A part of me always knew that he wasn't Valentine's son, but I never knew how they were going to explain it since everyone was pretty much like, yup that's Jonathan. The moment the angel showed Clary and Jace what Valentine did to his children - putting the demon blood into Jonathan - I knew it wasn't Jace. There was just no way. He was angelic, not demonic. And how right I turned out to be. Cause honestly, it was a little weird rooting for the brother and sister pairing lol.

So if Jace wasn't Jonathan, who was? Sebastian. I knew something was off with him the moment Clary came. Why else would he seem familiar? Why would he remind her of something dark? The moment he confronted Isabelle, I knew who he really was even though I didn't know how to explain it. But I will say, he was one messed up cookie. Cause let's face it, he knew Clary was his sister, yet he kissed her. WTF?

And why oh why did Max have to die? I know that it's a battle and there will be lives lost, but the 9 year old brother? That broke my heart. The pain that came in the aftermath I felt was really critical in the joining of the Downworlders and the Shadowhunters.

And who can forget Simon? I loved how he stepped up in this and realized that while he may be the undead, that didn't mean that he had to stop living. He embraced who he had become and while he was still the Simon I've grown to love, he became this force to be reckoned with, especially in the scene where he confronts Rafael in the forest.

Some other parts that deserved to be mentioned - Jocelyn chasing after Luke because she loves him, Alec kissing Magnus, Jace dying, Simon not giving into the Inquisitor. Just all around, an amazing book. I didn't want to put it down.