City of Ashes  - Cassandra Clare Gah! I don't even know where to begin or what to think! Ok, first, thank God that Simon is not dead! I've kind of grown attached to him and what he brings to Clary. It's an interesting choice to make him a vampire and now he's some special kind of vampire which I know is because he drank Jace's blood. Valentine didn't seem to happy about that which leaves me thinking that there's something more to it than just a Downworlder drinking the blood of a Shadowhunter.

Now for Clary. I'm really surprised that she wasn't snatched up and taken back to Idris. I really want to know what Valentine did to her and Jace. From his talk with Clary on the boat, it seems as if there was another child and then Imogen said something to Jace right before she was killed and of course we don't know what it is. All these secrets have been building since the first book and I'm just hoping that we get some sort of answer in the next one.

I do love Jace though, and at times, my heart breaks for him. He's been lied to his whole life, is most likely still being lied to and/or played like a pawn. People tend to just shun him off to this side. What he did for Simon shows how much he does care about Clary and even how he acts around Alec and Isabelle.

The end seems to bring more secrets and the possibility of Clary's mother waking up. I am anxious for her to awaken so that she can try to explain her actions and maybe shed some light on this Clary/Jace situation because they can't be related! lol