Fade - Lisa McMann Wow, just another great book. The author writes it from a point where you feel like you're in the moment. I think the time stamps were a brilliant idea. Everything seemed to be happening in real time and it made the emotions just that much more heightened.

Janie's undercover job here was to find a sexual predator at school. All points seemed to point to Mr. Durbin, which I found suspicious so I didn't immediately suspect him, but I did always feel that there was something out of place with him. What I didn't expect was the outcome. Not one, but three male teachers were sexually harassing students. Janie came so close to being one of those girls at the party, thank God she had assault training.

And Cabe, every book just increases my love for him. His love for Janie is so fierce, so protective, that it scares him - which doesn't help since he's already scared for her. I just hope that when the time comes, that he's really there for Janie.

And as for Janie, the information in the notebook Mrs. Stubin left behind would be enough to scare anyone. I knew from reading the first book that there would be repercussions from dream catching, and during the course of this book I figured that blindness would be one of them. But the deformation of the hands actually shocked me - even though looking back, it shouldn't have.

I am anxious to continue this series, and can't wait to see what the 3rd book has in store.