The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong This was my second time reading this book, but I wanted to reread it before I reviewed it in case my memory was tweaked. It wasn't. I love this series. The characters are so rich and so distictive that you can't help but fall in love with them and pray that they get out of this mess.

Chloe- I like that the author stays true to her youth. Chloe is very solid through all the books, changing as her life changes, at a natural pace. Times I want to smack her because of how naive she is, but then I remember her age and how confused she must be with everything going on. I do believe that she honestly does like Simon, but I know that her heart is with Derek - even if she doesn't realize this yet.

Derek- I LOVE DEREK. I don't understand how you could not. His protectiveness not only over Chloe, but his brother as well is so endearing. He knows what people think of him and he pretends that he doesn't care, but he does. And he's so obviously in love with Chloe but torn at the same time because of Simon's attraction for her. He's extrememly loyal and it's not his fault he's a werewolf.

Simon- For some reason, I can never picture him the wayt the autor describes him. I haev my own picture in my head, it's weird lol. But I do like Simon. And in any other scenario, he would be perfect with Chloe, just not here when there's Derek.

Tori- You gotta love to hate her. And in the beginning, I did hate her. Tori's roll in this group is the brat. I love how she pretty much tells it like it is, regardless of what people think. She pretends to hate everyone around her, but deep down, I think that she's happy with this group, happy to belong somewhere when it's so obviosu that her parents don't want her around since her mother only uses her as a science experiement.

Great second book in this series. Love it.