Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr I honestly didn't know if I would get into this book when I first started reading. But boy was I wrong! This book was so good. It took parts of what I knew of the fey culture and added so much more.

Let's start with Aislinn. I went in thinking, ok girl has the interest of hometown boy. Suddenly new guy comes along all magical and she's just gonna go for him but of course not after some angst over her decision. But no this wasn't her at all. Ailinn, to me, was a very strong female character. She's been plagued with the ability to see the fey since birth and has lived with that secret until now - when Keenan shows up. She doesn't immediately fall for him despite her initial draw. She's still confused about her friend, Seth, and his feelings. When Seth finally reveals his true feelings, she chooses to remain with him but also to rule as the Summer Queen which she truly is. She stands her ground but not in an immature, stubborn way. Her reasons are sound and logical. Great written main character.

The 2 main guys, Keenan and Seth, bring the love triangle to the story. Now I loved Seth right from the start. And I knew his feelings for Aislinn before he revealed them. His little actions around her were intimate and comforting and when she revealed her secret to him, he was proactive, immediately thinking of ways to help her. Even standing up to the Summer King and Winter Queen. Now Keenan took a little more time to warm up. I knew what he wanted in the beginning and I found him spoiled and selfish. But through the course of the book, you learn more about him and why he is the way he is and who he truly loves and bam! Keenan has a place in my heart.

I definitely want to read more in this series, but at the same time I'm sad. It looks like the following books don't revolve around my fave 3 here. And call me evil, but I do want more of the Aislinn/Seth/Keenan love triangle.