P.S. I Love You - Cecelia Ahern Wow, apparently I didn't remember the movie very well or it was extremely different from the book. I'm betting on the latter. It was a very sweet and heartwarming book. Parts made me laugh, parts made me want to cry, and parts made me want to throw the book because I was so frustrated with Holly. And I'm not going to lie, I really wanted her with Daniel. I thought their relationship was so beautifully constructed and it felt right. I found myself anxiously awaiting their next run in with each other. When he told her that he loved her and she ignored him afterward, I found it difficult to believe that he would just go back with his ex so quickly after all the things she did to him. I don't know, but it seemed like the author just needed an excuse to get him out of Holly's reach.

All in all, was a good read. And now I'm tempted to watch the movie again.