William and Kate: The Love Story - Christopher Andersen My cheesy inner royal obsessed teenager loved this book. While most of it focused on his parent's sham of a marriage, and also the car crash (this was repeated over and over at multiple times), it easily showcased how much of who Diana was shaped the young princes today. I, like others, also wonder where a majority of the so called "quotes" came from. Many are quoted as being directly from Wills and Kate themselves, but also seem a little bit too perfect and too contrived.

What was interesting was how much I remembered many of the events talked about in this book. Obviously Diana's death being the main one, but also Harry's wild behavior, Wills graduation (both from St. Andrews and from the Academy), Charles finally marrying Camilla, Will & Kate's split, the concert for Diana, and of course, the engagement (along with random things in between). What can I say, I love everything Royal.

This book was just that for me - enough to fill my craving for now and bring out my obsession, just when it had been fading from the wedding. lol.