Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead Very interesting revelations in this book. Starting with the Queen being killed and the search for the murderer. The writer did a good job at keeping you guessing and throwing curve balls just when you thought you knew who did it, something else came up. I was shocked with Tasha being the actual killer, but looking back, not all that surprised.

The way characters were thrown together in this book intrigued me and it worked. I loved seeing the dynamics between the different power structures.

The reveal of Lissa's sister - I had a feeling it was Jill, i don't know why, but I knew that she was important when she was introduced. However, I am worried for her with how Lissa is acting around her. Which brings me to Lissa. I don't really trust her anymore. Something is off about her and now that Rose can't feel her trough the bond really worries me.

However, even in the midst of all of that, the scene that kills me and that sticks with me, is the ending scene with Adrian and Rose. Adrian is such a genuine character and very honest, and reading their final scene broke my heart. I honestly don't think I can ever forgive Rose.

This is one series where I am glad that I did stick with it. Although, the minor characters are what drive this series for me. Adrian, Christian, Abe, and even Dimitri (he's growing on me again) all are more fascinating to me than Rose's tantrums and Lissa's worrying.

I look forward to the nex book.