Blood Promise - Richelle Mead Wow, one intense crazy book! Rose's mission to find Dimitri lead her on this crazy path where I think she was forced to find herself and figure out what she truly wants. Meeting his family was very bittersweet. However, I knew that she couldn't remain there and be at peace, it would be a facade that she put on to mask her pain. Yet, when she finds Dimitri I really wanted to smack her. The way she just succumbed to his every wile drove me nuts. I'm glad she finally snapped out of that. The bridge scene where she stakes him is heartbreaking. But I am torn on how much of Dimitri is left within him.

I also really liked the side stories going on. I once found Adrian to be an annoying character, but now he's listed as one of my faves. He is one of the only genuinely honest characters in these books. At this point, I want him with Rose lol.

I didn't trust Avery from the beginning and I was glad that I was on point with her.

Lissa was an interesting one. I'm not sure how much of her attitude was caused by Avery and how much was there before. Truthfully, I think that Avery's mind games just heightened what Lissa was already experiencing. Lissa needs to grow up and stop thinking that everyone is going to take care of her all the time. Stop living up to the stereotype that girls are weak and need protecting. Grow a backbone.

Christian - my heart broke for him here. He loves Lissa so much and has put up with so much of her shit and he got shafted. I was glad that he stood up for himself and didn't back down when Lissa begged him to come back. Way to go!

And as for Abe, I honestly didn't see that he was her father. Although, looking back, I should have. I guess my mind was too busy being occupied by trying to find Dimitri.

All in all, a great book in the series and now I can't wait to read the next one. What's Dimitri gonna do? Can he really be saved? I want to know!!