Shadow Kiss - Richelle Mead Whoa...this book was crazy! I like that the story lines keep progressing, keep getting better. I am, however, now wanting to just drop everything and read the fourth book. The whole ghost issue really had me going. I went through many possibilities as to why Rose was seeing Mason, and the actual one was not quite what I expected. What a bittersweet goodbye to Mason. I will actually miss him. And when Eddie had been taken, I was going to throw things if he got killed.

But nothing, of course, prepares you for the end. Looking back, I should have seen this coming. Rose & Dimitri had just planned out how they were going to make their relationship work. That should have been a a red flag for me. But Dimitri turning Strigoi! And now with Rose determined to find him and kill him. So much more than I expected.

With Rose leaving, it's hard to pinpoint where the books will take us now. I still find that I don't really like the character of Lissa, especially after her reaction to Rose leaving. I view her as a selfish, whiny child. However, with Rose gone, I hope that Eddie gets appointed as her guardian. Because I would like to continue to see his character. And also more of Adrian and Christian as well.