Awakened - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast I went through many emotions while reading this book, most common one was frustration. First, my frustration with Zoey in the beginning. Yes, I completely understand the loss of Heath and how it affected her, but for her to want to give up everything? The more she stayed in the Otherworld, the more I lost the character that I loved. However, she did finally figure her shit out and I love her relationship with Stark.

Now for Heath, wow. What a great character there. The fact that he was able to see the big picture, both in the beginning where he chose to let Zoey go and in the end when he chose to go back and help her even though it required him losing everything he knew about himself.

Stevie Rae I have wanted to smack since about 2 books back now. I am seriously tired of her keeping things to herself when she knows how much it will affect everyone once it comes out. And these aren't just little secrets, these are life changing.

I'll admit it, I cried at the death of Jack. I never saw that one coming and it broke my heart.

It was an exciting book, a little confusing with all the POV changes, but I did like the looks into every character. There is one thing I don't understand though. When Nyx appeared at the end to everyone, why didn't she just call Neferet out? Just tell everyone that she turned against the Goddess? It just seems ridiculous to me. I understand that Nyx wants her followers to have a choice, but they are choosing blindly. It just really frustrated me.