Die for Me: A Novel of the Valentine Killer - Cynthia Eden I really didn't want to give this book 2 stars, but I'm not quite sure about the 3 either. I'm thinking somewhere around 2.75, so I rounded up.

Die For Me tells the story of Katherine/Katelyn/Kat who was put in protective custody and given a new identity after her ex-fiance was discovered to be the Vaelentine Killer. Imagine walking in your house and finding your love carving up some innocent girl...yeah, no. Kat calls the cops but by the time they get there, Valentine is gone and never heard from again.

When women start getting murdered around Kat once more, in a way exactly like they did back in Boston, everyone believes that Valentine has finally come back for Kat. Enter Dane Black, homicide detective in New Orleans. He's assigned to the case after finding the first body and therefore meets Kat...and BOOM!
Insta love!

So while these two are falling in love (but trying not too because of the case), people are now getting murdered right and left.

What I liked about the story was that it wasn't completely predictable. I was actually thrown for a loop a few times. So yay for that, it takes alot to stump me when it comes to these kind of crime dramas.

What I had issues with was basically the love story. It was rushed, didn't really make sense, and at times I wasn't sure if she was with him because something in her was broken that she thought he could fix or something in Dane was broken that Kat thought she should fix. And the ending was just a little too cheesy Really? Who up and goes into protective custody with a girl he met a week ago? Just leaves all his family and friends, like whatever. So I had to mark it down for the love story aspect, but all in all it was an okay book. I enjoyed it.