Pretty Dark Nothing - Heather L. Reid 2.5

The premise of the book is interesting enough. Girl dreams of demons that start to bleed into her waking life. Boy, who has some physic power himself, is able to see into her dreams and see the darkness around her. He feels this urge to help her and she can’t say no. Along the way they find that their journey is not what they expected.

This book started out pretty good for me. I was instantly drawn into Quinn’s nightmares and wanted to know why she was plagued with these horrible dreams of demons. About halfway through, I didn’t care anymore and I just wanted her to shut up. The author did a great job at describing the darkness that shadowed Quinn, but it was Quinn herself who kept me from enjoying this book. That and the ending – but I’ll talk about that later.

Quinn was the perfect high school student: beautiful, popular, captain of the cheerleading squad, dating the football star- but all that comes crashing down when her boyfriend up and dumps her for her nemesis, her father left her for a new family and then she’s haunted by the nightmares that no longer stay in the night. Her grades plummet, she loses head cheerleader, and in a moment of weakness goes all Britney Spears and cuts off almost all of her hair. I will admit I felt bad for her. Everyone has their dark moments, and life threw a whole slew of them at Quinn.

When she passes out at school from not sleeping, our hero, Aaron, enters. Aaron comes from a dark place as well. His mother and sister were killed in an accident that he survived, only to come out of a coma with this new found ability that allows him to see into people’s minds when he touches them. When Quinn passes out in the hallway, Aaron gets a glimpse at what plagues her and is instantly drawn to her, to wanting to help her, but no matter how he tries to help, Quinn keeps pushing him away.

I started the book feeling sorry for Quinn, but then seeing how she dealt with Aaron and constantly played the victim turned me off. Your boyfriend cheats on you, and then parades his new girlfriend – your enemy – in front of you, yet you still want him back and will drop everything for him? And her constant, I wish I could tell someone about my nightmares, but no one will believe me and I deserve this pain, I’m a horrible person who ruins everything I touch…wah wah wah. Grow up and take charge of your life damn it!

Besides the friends, Marcus and Teresa, Aaron was the shining star here, but I felt that his ‘ability’ wasn’t used to its full advantage. Why give him an ability at all if you’re not going to do anything with it? The fact that Aaron showed up in Quinn’s dreams were never discussed between the two of them. Why??

And the ending…talk about coming out of nowhere. I know that the author wanted the element of surprise, but this was more like out of left field. There was no build up to this “resolution”, no signs that this had to do with angels and destiny . I’m wondering if this is a beginning of a series, because there was no resolution. It just ended. Dropped a bomb and ended. Nothing was solved. Why did the shadows want her? Well, because of that one thing she has. Yeah, but why did they want that? Why did she have it? What was she supposed to do with it? And what about when she realizes what happened while she was out??? frustrating.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review

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