Beautiful Darkness (Caster Chronicles, #2) - Kami Garcia,  Margaret Stohl 2.5

Once again, I felt like this story could have been told in 200 less than what it was. There were just so many places where the plot dragged on to the point of boredom. That being said, I found this book ok. However, if the authors are wanting me to root for the Ethan/Lena pairing, they're doing something wrong.

Let's talk about the parts I liked:
-Ethan: he didn't annoy me quite as much as he did in the first book. Here, he finally seems to actually be doing something instead of just running around like a love sick puppy.
-Liv: I adored this character and feel that she got shafted. She was a much more interesting character than all Lena, who we are all supposed to root for.
-Amma: she will never fail to amuse me
-Lucille: I love the use of animals in these books from Boo Radley in the first,to Lucille here.
-The history of Ethan's mother: about damn time we start getting explainations

Parts I didn't like:
-The history of Ethan's mother: yes, I realize I also put this under things I liked, but there were parts about it that rubbed me the wrong way. How did Ethan not know it was his mother in the early visions? What was the point of Ethan's father? To just impregnant Lila?
-The cheesy ending: gotta love how "special" Lena is that she changes the order of things, something unprecedented that has never happened before (shocking, I know)
-Lena: I do not like this character at all. I don't feel like she's strong (even though everyone is always telling her that she is). I think she runs from everything, whines about it, and basically spends all of her time feeling sorry for herself.

To me, this one seemed like it could be the ending of the series...but no, there are two more. Let's see how much more the authors can drag out.