Where She Went  - Gayle Forman When I first heard of this book and knew that it was from Adam's POV, I automatically assumed that it was his story of Mia's journey...and boy was I wrong. Where She Went takes place three years after Mia's accident and basically she took Adam up on the promise that he made her. He would let her leave, if she stayed.

I loved Adam in If I Stay and I was super happy that the author decided to delve further into his mid here. It was interesting how the story went back and forth from the present to the past showing us how he ended up where he was. Let me just tell you, Adam is broken. He is broken and he is angry and he is lost. He is so lost.

And when he finally sees Mia, and then talks to her...his pain is so palpable. He's so exposed to everyone.


Why Mia, Why did you leave him??????

What I loved about this first one, and the same goes for Where She Went, is that the story isn't dragged out. It literally takes place in a day. One day in the life of these amazing characters. And this one actually had me questioning where the ending was going to go because honestly, I couldn't seem to find a way back for these two.