The Book of Lost Things (Trade Paperback) - John Connolly God damn it Goodreads! Let us do half stars!! lol

I give this book 4.5

What a great mix of fairy tales and darkness. This book was given to me to read by a friend and based on just reading the back, I assumed it was a childrens book. I was wrong. Where the main character is a boy of 12, the story itself - the journey- is for adults.

Connolly does a great job of using fairy tales and twisting them, actually bringing them closer to their orgins than what we know via mainstream. He uses these tales as a tool of growing up. David, 12 years old, gets lost in another world - a world he has only heard of in books - and in this world he is forced to face things of his nightmare. He is forced to grow up.

Fabulous and a fun and interesting read.