Charade - Gilbert Morris This book began in a very interesting way. Obese Ollie creates a computer program that makes him millions. Along the way, he entrusts his career guidance to Dane, a highly successful agent I guess you could call him, and marries supermodel looking Marlene. Well, too no one's surprise, except Ollie's, Marlene and Dane were working together to steal all of Ollie's money. They both try to kill him and by one too many "lucky" moments, Ollie escapes - though badly injured.

Ok, so far I was like, poor Ollie. This sucks. Then Ollie is found dying in the woods by a elderly man, Eli, who lives in a cabin all by his lonesome. He takes Ollie (hauling him around in a fork lift type device) and nurtures him back to health at his cabin. Ollie regains his strength and also has lost about 80 lbs. He decides it's time for revenge on the two who have wronged him and leaves the cabin.

He goes to LA, under the new alias of Eli's dead son (long story there too) where he works with a trainer to get back in shape and changes everything about himself to an Australian business man. Luckily, Ollie had transferred money into a Swiss account before he was "killed" so he has the means to afford basically anything. He loses over 200 lbs and decides it's time to find Marlene and Dane. And I'm like, yes! What's he going to do???

Well, apparently nothing...because once he does find them, he also meets a family who "changes" his life and turns him into a man of God. Ollie realizes his actions for revenge are wrong and he turns to the Lord to sort everything out. Meanwhile, Marlene and Dane have figured out who he is and try to kill him yet again. Somehow, Marlene shoots Dane and then gets attacked by a hornet's nest - to which she's highly allergic. Marlene dies in the hospital, but not before she apologizes to Ollie and accepts God into her life at Ollie's guidance. Dane, also in the hospital, recovers from the shooting and Ollie also convinces him to accept God into his life and Dane does, asking for forgiveness and help.

Had I known that the last half of the book would be a sermon, I probably would have skipped it all together.