Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire This is my review in a nutshell: corny mixed with cheesy mixed with WTF and OMG and a lot of

My original rating of this one was 2 stars, but having given myself time to think it over, I moved it down to 1. This book just left me so angry. I don't think I've ever had quite the reaction like this with any other book. Oh and this review might contain some spoilers because I'm just not sure how I can actually give a proper review without talking about the situations.

Let's start with the plot: new virginal girl meets older manwhore of a guy while guy is involved in illegal fighting. That's pretty much the end of the plot. The rest of the book is just random, over-dramatic events just thrown together. I mean, the mob? Fire on campus? All useless and just served to drag this book on even longer.

Now, let's discuss the characters:


First, there's Abby. Blonde haired Abby (because that's the only description of her we get) comes to Eastern University to escape her "troubled" past. She wants to stay away from drinking, drugs, sex - basically anything that could get her in trouble. So of course in the first chapter when she goes to an underground fight at her school, it's all legit. Wait...what? And here begins the first of many inconsistent characteristics of these characters. Abby meets Travis and immediately tells him that she doesn't want to sleep with him...but then spends the next five or so chapters freaking out over why Travis doesn't want to have sex with her. There must be something wrong with her because he sleeps with everyone else, but won't make a move on her. Umm...maybe because you told him YOU WOULDN'T SLEEP WITH HIM! But this all becomes moot a few chapters later when Abby uses sex to tell Travis goodbye. Yeah, cause that makes sense. Oh, and her back story, if that was supposed to endear her to us

Now, Travis...My initial description of Travis was as follows:
He's an abusive, controlling, rage-aholic who's about as mature as a fucking baby chicken and has the emotional capacity of a woman who is PMSing 365 days a year.

Nope...that pretty much still stands.

Now Drum roll please
And the award for worst friend ever goes to....America!

Abby calls America the voice of her subconscious, or some shit like that. Well, no wonder they're both so messed up. I mean, this was a friend who sat by and laughed as Travis threw Abby over his shoulder at a frat party and carried her out while she was screaming that she didn't want to go and begging America for help. In the beginning, America (who's dating Travis's cousin) was all, "stay away from Travis. He only wants one thing, wah wah wah." Then next chapter, "I don't know why you're fighting it, you two belong together." What? Then "He's mental, Abby. You really should avoid him." Umm...ok. Oh then there's my favorite, after Travis and Abby have sex for the first time and Travis goes on his rage sprees, destroying his apartment, America - being the amazing friend that she is, flat out begs Abby to return to the apartment to calm Travis down. Also, did anyone else notice America's lack of self-sufficiency? This woman could not do anything by herself. "Abby, you have to come to the frat party with me. Abby, you have to spend the night at Travis's apartment with me." I'm honestly surprised she could dress herself each day.

I could find nothing redeeming about any of these characters. Travis and Abby were both manipulative and condescending. There were major co-dependency issues throughout this book: with Travis not being able to "function" unless Abby was there, and America just failing at being a human. On top of that, this was one of the most toxic relationship I've ever read about. Travis's rage issues were something that needed to be discussed and dealt with. THis was not a a cute quirk of a character. No, this was a man who used his fists to solve his problems.

Oh, and don't forget the ending. Because marriage was obviously such a good idea for these two.


My final issue was with the writing itself. Don't get me wrong, the writing wasn't horrible. It was just very basic. This book felt very much like fanfiction to me. The writer never described any of her characters and the characteristics she gave them didn't stick through the whole book. The character of Travis is a perfect point. He went from manipulative manwhore to manipulative sap in the span of one chapter. Wait...she did keep him manipulative, so there was some consistency there.

Despite that this book was called Beautiful Disaster, there was nothing beautiful about it. It was just a disaster.