Facade (Games, #2) - Nyrae Dawn 2.5

Oy vey. This book was hard for me to rate. I would step away from it, give myself space and then come back with a clear head and be like, I'm going to give it 3 stars. But then I would start to think about the plot and everything that happened and I would get mad until I had to walk away again. Ultimately, I couldn't find it in myself to give this book 3 stars no matter how much I wanted to.

Facade is the second in a series of love stories based on gmaes (hence the series title) that involve unlikely pairs falling for each other against odds. Adrian and Delaney both have tragedies and heartache in their pasts, which are intricately linked by a secret that could destroy one while bringing closure to the other. Each presents a certain face to the world, a mask of sorts that they hide behind. To the outside world they're fine, surviving. Inside, they're dying.

While I enjoyed Dawn's writing style, it was very clean and easy to read, I found myself extremely frustrated with her characters. Adrian, the party guy to all of his friends, was in constant pain. And while I felt for him, I also got tired of listening to him constantly tell us that he had to hide his true self, that no one would understand his pain, that it's better this way.

Delaney, on the other hand, I just didn't like. The author wrote her in a way that screamed; feel sorry for me, that she wasn't a horrible person for what she was doing to Adrian. Well, I'm sorry, she was. She carried around a secret that was so big, so completely life altering to Adrian, and she just kept hiding behind the "it's not the right time" excuse. She knew what she was doing was wrong, but never changed it. The whole book was spent waiting for this bombshell to dropm because, come on, we all knew it was coming, that when it finally did, I didn't care anymore. The extra shocking reveal wasn't that shocking since it was something that I had predicted towards the beginning of the story (although it made me hurt for Adrian). I found that I enjoyed the interactions between Colt and Chey (characters the first book was based on) much more than I cared about Adrian and Delaney. Their entire relationship was built on a lie, or an admission of truth if you want to get picky. And I just could not get behind it.

The first book was enjoyable, this one, not so much for me. I look forward to seeing what the third book brings as I am a fan of this author's work.

I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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