Deep Blue - Jennifer Donnelly

Princess Serafina’s life changes in one day. Her kingdom is attacked and she is forced to flee with only her strange dreams as a guide. Her dreams lead her on a search for five other mermaids – all spread throughout the seas – and together they must save the future of their world. Sounds interesting, right? And look at that cover? Gorgeous!


Well…this one was interesting. My initial read through of this book didn’t leave me very excited. It took me almost a month to finish it because I just couldn’t get into it. This being a new world and all, there was quite a bit of info dumping that happened throughout the book and honestly left me feeling weighted down and confused. This being the first in a series, I realize that author was just trying to set up the world and get us as readers to understand the way everything worked. However, this left me feeling a little unattached to the characters and a very unsatisfied feeling upon reaching the end.


Then I went to a signing the author was having at a local bookstore. Hearing her talk about the series and the concept and where everything was going actually got me excited for the books to come. Donnelly talked a lot about each mermaid and her part of the sea and I felt like it explained everything a little better and helped me understand the girls – especially Sera who came across to me as extremely immature. So while I didn’t love Deep Blue, I feel like it was just setting up everything to come and the next books won’t be filled with information overload.